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Not moving the way that you're supposed to

18 November 1968
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I use the name falparsi because I thought the following story was hilarious. In P K Dick's story, VALIS, the author is researching the Parsifal mythos. He becomes very excited when he finds out that Parsifal is an anagram of the Arabic word for Fool/Perfect Fool - falparsi. Later on he finds out that there is no such word in Arabic at all. So falparsi is a non-existent word meaning fool or perfect fool - if a non existent word can actually mean anything.

Born in Kent, I moved further and further north until I hit Leeds where I stayed until I was almost 30. Then I moved around a bit, finally settling in Antwerp which is in Belgium.

I am married and have a daughter and a son on his way in December this year.

I am an architect, but I can't draw. I work in the wonderful world of Informatics, which is Franglais for I.T.

I have an Irish father, an English Mother, a Flemish wife. I speak English, Dutch and French - but will lazily default to English because I sound really stupid in other languages because of a lack of vocabulary.

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