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Blogs, bloggers and comments

I have been a regular reader of left-leaning blogs for some time and it is rare that the comments are as good as the posts, but this caught my eye recently - it is attributed to dd, no relation to d² :

However, as has become plainer in the current period of profound political dis- and re-orientation on the Western left over the past five years or so, one of the main functions of comedy is not to subvert conventional mores, but to bolster them for unself-assured insiders, for the waverers, to keep them in line: in this case, the fragile moral consciences of those who share the approximate default political outlook, the unthoughtout thought, of the mainstream soft-left establishment, to reassure them that their position of self-regarding isolationism was basically correct—something that they themselves must doubt if they require such assurance.

For more evidence of the truth of the above check out the works of Bremner, Rowson, Bell, Morris etc etc

The comment was issued in response to a commenter who calls himself Flying Rodent, presumably in an attempt to smear the blogger of the same name whose own blog is usually well worth reading but whose cretinous mimic pops up now and then to embarrass the poor guy on other blogs' comment pages. The UK left blogosphere is a small and bizzarre world.
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