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There has been a lot of talk recently about the Archbishop of Canterbury and his attempt to argue above his own intellectual weight.

To the calls for him to resign, I would like to add a new demand - not that he resign, but he be mandated to have Ophelia Benson accompany him whenever he makes a speech, as his interpreter.

Her commentary in the Notes & Queries section of B&W is excellent and reminds me that I should read her first and the commenters on blogs such as HP second, if at all.

The following quotes really need to be read in the context of the piece - so go there and read them, but here is a flavour (the quotes in italics are from the ABofC:

"he keeps suggesting we need to think about these things, as if no one had been thinking about them until now! Where's he been? We've been thinking about them, for months and years - we don't need the head of the Church of England to suggest that we do what we're already doing! And we don't need his help with the thinking, either.

So the second objection to an increased legal recognition of communal religious identities can be met if we are prepared to think about the basic ground rules that might organise the relationship between jurisdictions, making sure that we do not collude with unexamined systems that have oppressive effect or allow shared public liberties to be decisively taken away by a supplementary jurisdiction.

We are prepared to think, more prepared than the archbishop is, by the looks of it; but the only way to make sure we don't collude with these unexamined systems (there it is again - what makes him think they're unexamined? unexamined by whom? him?) is to decline to give them any 'supplementary jurisdiction"
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