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Just so you know

A lot has happened in the time since I was blogging more regularly. I have a son now and I have found that two kids is a lot more than just one more child. A friend said to me that one child was a hobby and two a family - an exaggeration, but the workload has more than doubled.

Extremely rewarding though it all is, it does not leave so much time for other pursuits.

Additionally, I am working on another project - one which sees me travelling to Bilbao every two weeks. Disclaimer - I love Bilbao and the Basque people generally. I have a great time when I am here and would probably consider moving but for the fact that I would probably double in weight within a few days - the food here is so great - a brit living in Belgium has possibly not experienced the whole spectrum of great eating possibilities, but some of the restaurants here are as good as any I have been in.

Beyond that - I would like to blog a bit more - one blog I read recently said that blogging was becoming very unfashionable, so it seemed like the right time to start - so that I can become seriously entrenched by the time it becomes fashionable again and I can bathe in the glory that has eluded me thus far.

One great feature of all of this travelling has been that I can read twice the amount that I managed in the period immediately after my son's birth - this week alone I have finished Lolita and The Good Terrorist and am currently eyeing up Niall Ferguson's latest and the Nemesis the Warlock collection. And I cannot stop listening to the new British Sea Power album.

Politically, I am as confused as ever I was. I like to read Michael Totten's site for good news and just about anywhere else for bad. Gordon Brown is really fecking up, isn't he - I see people commenting that not only is a Tory government likely after the next election, but maybe that wouldn't be so bad. My what short memories we have. And Hain going seems like a loss - I was a member of the AAM for years in the 80s and the biggest march I was on was in about 86 or 87 when half a million marched for South African freedom through London and I came back on the train and drunkenly insulted my Tory uncle when I arrived home.

Finally, I can't help but express utter disdain for the fools that run the football club I love - though I just heard we have hired Gary McAllister as manager, so maybe things will improve again - one season, just one season without courts, money problems, managers thinking they could be better off elsewhere, players taking the coin and showing total disregard for actually earning it - just one season of football matches and support and the crying and laughing that comes with it - please?
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