Falparsi (falparsi) wrote,

Sing Happy

Sometimes I read something and it just makes me happy and renews a certain faith in my fellow man. This conversation over at Harry's Place has all of the usual suspects rabbiting on, but gradually, among the credible commentators, a consensus emerges and it reminded me of why I read that site and why I still feel a part of a "left".

The topic was apologies for past misdeeds, in particular for slavery. The consensus that seemed to me to emerge was that apologies were unnecessary but that the development work that has been suggested as reparations should instead be given out of sense of current responsibility for our fellow human beings - just not associated with guilt. Responsibility and not guilt. Fantastic - so simple, so true and so obvious. This is the root of socialism for me - a feeling of being responsible for others that comes not from God or the threat of hellfire, but from one's humanity.
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