Falparsi (falparsi) wrote,

Going Dutch

I was going to post on the kerr-azy Dutch elections, but the article by Dennis McShane over at CiF pretty well summarises trhe situation.

The piece in the article that most attracted my attention was the following excerpt:

Austria has yet to form a government after the messy election result two months ago. There is even talk in Vienna of the Austrian Socialist party entering into an alliance with the extreme right breakaway party from Jorg Haider's Freedom party. This will plunge Europe's democratic left into a crisis. The Party of European Socialists has suspended its Slovakian member party, SMER, because of its coalition with an ultra-nationalist party.

This, coupled with the Red-Brown alliances in the UK (RESPECT) and here in Belgium (RESIST), coupled with the co-opting of the left-ish alternative scene by the far right in France, and you are left with a scary picture. With the RCP and it's slime trail still identifying as part of the left and supporting fascists, it would seem that the ages-old cliché that left and right meet at the edges is genuinely being shown to be true. There will be a lot more of this to come.
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