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I don't post much about music.

But I have been bowled over by The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs. I have not bought any new music for a while and so was investigating some older stuff that I never quite got into. I love this album - the range, the clever-clever lyrics are never too much, just enough to make me giggle, the cheery melodies and so on - I cannot think of a single friend that I have ever had that could not find at least one track that would not make them smile.

I have also been listening to Electrelane a hell of a lot. They really are the best new band in the UK since Stereolab (not a sign of not having heard anything newer, just nothing quite this good). Their (Electrelane's) second album is the best, IMHO, as it contains the most tracks with vocals on and I am a sucker for vocals - even on a bit of a "motorik workout". I would place this album as being as good as any other in my collection. Think Neu! meets Stereolab and have a good old jam! Check out some of their live gigs from the internet archive - they are a bit more experimental and improv live and they make a hell of a noise.

Also, this article is probably true, but I am as guilty as the next man of continuing the orthodoxy with my Dylan books and so on - invariable own more than half of any "best albums ever" list and so on. It would be a good experiment (throwing away all music from the last fifty years) - it would probably be the final motivation to learn to play the guitar properly.

Finally, I saw this on a comments board over at HP and wished I was in london:

The guitarist on Raindogs, Big Time and Mule Variations (Marc Ribot) is doing a free gig with his new band outside the Queen Elisabeth Hall on Saturday evening as part of the London Jazz Festival

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