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Cleaning Out The Closet

I have been so busy this last week that I have not blogged at all. Couple that with the fact that I was off sick with a chest infection the week before and this has been a bit of a desert.

Don't think it will get any better for a while, either. I only blog from work. I work as a technical architect and am consequently staring at my laptop screen for 8-10 hours of every day. When I go home, I read books, play with my daughter, and stay away from anything more technical than playing a dvd.

My wife will give birth to our son in 3 weeks and I will then take the rest of the year off to look after them both - ie keep the house clean and stare nostalgicly at my wife's breasts. When I return to work in the new year, I will be working for a new company and eventually be on a new contract.

What all of this means is that my current position will be disrupted a number of times over the next few months and I can honestly say that I do no know whether this will result in my ever blogging again. I enjoy blogging, but it does not feel necessary, any more than offering an opinion on some subject over a pint is necessary. Despite this, my browsing habits have changed from mainly news-sites to mainly blogs. I regard blogs as the equivalent of the comment pieces in newspapers (though minus the envious "Why are they being paid millions to spout off when I am not" reaction).

A quandary, then. I feel that my blogging is the least of my life, but that others' can be most interesting. I am sure that I will log on to the pc to read some blogs, so perhaps I shall document my life while I am on parental leave - should be a blog as full of interest as this has been the last few weeks - ?

Anyway, I shall put up a few posts over the next few weeks, which may be summary pieces and may just be thoughtful, but will not be saliva-speckled rants against folk I agree with.
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